May 16, 2006

The Many Shades of Green – Part 1

Because I am weak, I gave in the other day and threw together a quick quiz about me. A bunch of you actually took it and I love that. I also love the comments that I got from my siblings who both complained that I ought to have listed tomatoes as the veggie I won’t eat. Well, yes, I won’t eat fresh tomatoes – unless they’re prepared in just the right way – but green beans fit the theme of the question and the month much better because they’re green! Likewise my partner in crime, Blogless Felicia (who’s birthday was yesterday), was aggrieved that I listed green as my favorite color when there is so much purple in my life. Yes, that’s also true but you have no idea how hard it is for me to stay away from green. My whole house would be some shade of green if I didn’t exercise a little control. Can you see where this is going?

Here's a little green from around my house. It's just a quick hint of the landscaping I've done. I hated all of the landscaping that the previous owners did so I ripped it out and started over. these are three of my favorite additions. They are Golden Mops, Andromeda and a Dwarf Hinoki Cypress. In the bottom left is a bed of Tiger Lilies that I love. It's one of the few things that we kept from the previous owners. When I re-did things I was looking for a variety of textures and colors. I think that these fit the bill nicely.

Green Part 1

How can you not love all the glorious green?

By the way, after harassing the nice people in the lost and found at Dorney Park over the weekend I finally accepted the fact that my driver’s license was lost and ordered a replacement last night. Naturally, I just found it in my bag. Duh!

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bru said...

What shade of green is our lawn