May 7, 2006

Birthday Shout Out!

(5/8 ETA a picture of Jess)

Jess[1]Yesterday was Maryland Sheep & Wool and I’ll happily tell you all about it tomorrow but today I want to wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Stinkerbelle and my sister Jessica. I have no fabulous pictures of my sister and I’m not sure she’d want me to post them anyway but I can, and will, show you a quick display of my darling Daria.The picture at the right is of my sister. She's quite the world traveller and I have no idea which country this picture was taken in.

Here is a quick collage of Stinkerbelle. She is adventurous, independent, courageous and confident. All good things!

Stink Climbsmonster
Go Stink GoStink Rides Again

Happy Birthday to Daria and Jessica. I hope that this coming year is as wonderful as the last!

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trek said...

Nice to see you there too.
Happy Birthdays to your clan.