May 15, 2006

Lucky us!

On Friday afternoon we headed north to meet my sister and her family in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley for the weekend. We ran into traffic at every turn and it took much longer to get there than I would’ve liked. Normally this would’ve been perfect knitting time but between navigating and the darkness I barely had time for a dozen rows on the Stinky sock. This is the same Stinky sock that I predicted I would complete by last Monday! I am embarrassed to admit that the darn thing is still on my needles. Sadly the ride home was even worse because I had a wicked migraine that required me to take 2 Imitrex and 2 Advil over 5 hours just to make a dent. The pain was literally nauseating and, despite my best intentions, there was no knitting what-so-ever on the way home.

P5140793P5140792We went to Dorney Park on Saturday and, in between showers, we rode roller coasters and other rides all day. It wasn’t bad until about 4:30 when the heavens suddenly opened and the real downpour started. Considering that there was a 70% chance of rain predicted we felt lucky to have enjoyed as much dry time as we did and decided to go for dinner.
We arrived at
Teppan, a Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse with no reservations but perfect timing. They found room for the 8 of us and it was such a treat. The kids loved all of the tricks that our chef did and I even caught a piece of zucchini in my mouth (don’t ask – just go with it). The food was great! If you’ve never done the Japanese Steakhouse thing then I highly recommend it. Clearly it’s quite popular because the place was full – as was the lobby full of people waiting to get in.

After dinner the sky was clear and the ground was dry so we went to our rooms to grab jackets and go back to the park for some night riding. That’s when the luck ran out. We stepped outside and it was raining again. Not only that but I realized that my drivers license was missing. I guess I lost it at the park. This is a total bummer because after many calls to the lost and found it’s still missing which means I’ll have to get a new one. Talk about lousy!

M Day CardsBooks
Mother’s Day was lovely. I got very special cards from my girls along with 2 books that I’d been coveting. We drove to Easton where we visited the Pez Museum (who knew?) and found it in a really cool alley (not on my lousy map) that had mosaics along the walls.
Bank St - Easton, PA 2Bank St - Easton, PA 1
Can you guess what else we found in Easton?
Easton, PA


Melissa said...

OMG!! I totally have this vacation planned in my head to Penn. where I go to the Crayola factory, Hershey, and visit the Amish. You HAVE to tell me how awesome the Crayola place was.

Lolly said...

Thanks for sharing all of the lovely pics! I really like the paintings on the brick walls!