May 11, 2006

U-Neck Top Progress

U-Neck Top in Progress
Here is the progress so far on the U-Neck top. I’m really happy with it now and I think that these colors relate well to each other. I’m not really loving the yarn though and that’s kind of odd because until recently I knit mostly with cotton. Most of my old stash is cotton but, as you can tell by my post yesterday, I’m in a wool/silk groove now. I think that this is one of the most obvious ways that the knitbloggers have influenced me for the better. I am trying all kinds of new things and developing new preferences.

I have to say that I found something disturbing as I did the laundry the other night. One of my twin-sets still had the size sticker on it. They usually put those things right on the chest so does that mean that I walked around with my shirt size displayed on my boob all day? Why didn’t anyone say something? How could I not have noticed it when I gave myself the once over as I walked out the door? Ugh!


Melissa said...

LOL...I walked into our drafting department with a circular shaped sticker with a giant "L" on my boob. Very embarrassing.

margene said...

We all walk around from time to time with stickers on our new clothes. At least they new your shirt was 'new'.