May 10, 2006

The Haul

MicahBefore I get to the haul I want to say Happy 30th Birthday to my brother, Micah. This is a picture of him with his wife Lucy who I've never met. The picture was taken somewhere in South Korea because that’s where they live. He teaches English to Korean kids. It’s hard having my brother on the other side of the world and I can’t wait ‘till he’s back in the U.S.

On to The Haul. I put that in caps because I really outdid myself in the shopping department. I bought enough so that at the end of the day my shoulders (and my feet) ached. I went without a budget but, instead, with a mental note about how much I was prepared to spend and how much would break the bank. I would up somewhere in between. I’m really very satisfied though because I did exactly what I hoped to – I bought things that were new to me. I missed the STR but buying that wouldn’t have satisfied my purpose of broadening my horizons with new things. Without further ado I present The Haul.

Blue Spirit Trail & Recycled Sari Silk
The recycled sari silk in this picture was my first fiber purchase. I love the colors and see it becoming a scarf or a decorative element. The blue sock yarn is from Spirit Trail Fiberworks and I had a weird thing happen to me when I bought it. A woman stopped me and asked if I’d seen “Big Girl Knits.” Well, yes I have but... huh? She thought I looked just like one of the models in it. I’m not quite sure how to take that. Other than the fact that I am larger than I’d like to be I’m not sure that I resemble any model of any type. Hmmm….

Flock Bransonas red sock
Don’t you love this Flock Bransonas sock yarn. I had to buy it. The deep red color is fantastic. They had other great colors too but I was sampling – not stocking up.

Spirit Trail Silk/WoolTo the left is more Spirit Trail yarn. This is their silk/wool blend in a warm yellow and orange combo. I see it as the highlight of an otherwise solid sweater – maybe a fancy collar or an edging. It's really soft and has a great shine to it. I’ll have to think about it.

A Touch Of Twist Alpaca
This charcoal gray and taupe yarn was the best deal I found at the festival. It’s 100% alpaca from A Touch of Twist and it’s so soft and beautiful. I really wish you could feel it. One bunch is 8oz and the other is about 7. They were each about $20. I’m thinking of shawls from each. I’ll start one very soon because I just can’t keep my hands off this yarn. It’s just that soft!

Below are some silk caps that I bought in the spirit of trying new things. The woman who sold them to me demonstrated how you can knit with them as they are – without spinning them into yarn. I was fascinated and I had to get some. I’m only sorry that the picture doesn’t do them justice.Silk Caps

Here’s more sock yarn – this is from Cherry Tree Hill which I’ve never tried before. I also got some Morehouse Farm lace weight for yet another shawl. How many shawls do I really need anyway?
Cherry Tree Hill & Morehouse
Drop SpindleOne of the things I was looking for at the festival was a drop spindle. I’m intrigued by all the people out there spinning their own. I’m not sure if I’ll like it or be able to figure it out so I don’t want to invest in a wheel but a spindle seemed like a good start. Here it is resting in a cloud of roving. I can’t wait to play with it.

Lucet, silk & dyeThe last entry is more new toys. I got a lucet to make cord and dye for the Dye-o-rama. I also bought some silk hankies and silk cocoons. I mostly bought them because they fascinated me and truly have no clue what I’ll do with them. I gave a cocoon to my daughter because she learned about silk in school. I think that you may barely be able to see the sock holder in the background too.

I also bought a t-shirt and a bag and some Eucalan.

Tomorrow I hope to show you the progress on the U-Neck top. I could barely put it down last night.


Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

It looks like you did some wonderful shopping! The silk can be pretty easy to spin too, and Knitty had an article about how to prepar hankies/caps for drop spindling if you get brave and want to check it out!

Melissa said...

WOW!! You did have quite the haul. The sock yarn is fabulous. I have no idea what a drop spindle does (lol) but it looks cool.
I don't know how I would have taken the model comment. Flattering, but not also.

margene said...

O my you bought some nice things!!

Lolly said...

It was great to meet you - even if it was only for a short time. You really got some lovely things! All of them are great, but that Morehouse Merino really caught my eye! :)

saida said...

wow, great picks! i was wondering if you remembered who you bought your sock holder from. I bought one too but would like to get another in a different size. i can't believe i lost their card. thanks if you can help!