May 2, 2006


I would show you my knitting progress but there is sadly very little positive progress to report. I was working on Lindsey’s sweater last night and I finished the ribbing and moved on to the next piece. The ribbing is nice and, I think that in the end it will be a perfect sweater but I still have color issues. I knew it as I worked on the ribbing but I still started the next section just to confirm that the relation of the bluish-purplish color to the greens really isn’t right. I need a much lighter color. Thankfully I found THREE really good possibilities and ordered them up this morning. (Sorry B – watch for the Elann package). I’m sure that I’ll find projects to suit the yarn that doesn’t work for this project. The bad news is that I need to put this aside and wait for the new yarn to continue.

Happily there are plenty of other things to work on like the Stinky socks I’m about to frog. Yep! You heard me – I’m gonna frog’em during lunch. They’re not bad but I think that I want to go just a little bigger and I want to modify the pattern, welt fantastic, just a little more. I’ve also decided not to do the afterthought/forethought heel called for in the book. I’m going to improvise a bit and do and eye of partridge heel flap with a yet-to-be-determined turn. Stay tuned!

Here are a few shots of the sky that I took over the weekend as I sat and knit. Every time I thought of going inside to do the stuff that needed doing – laundry, bill paying, straightening up, refreshing my drink – I’d look up and feel the sun and think “It can wait.” Sadly, this is why there is nothing in my closet to wear. Maybe I should just call in naked to work… as in “sorry, I can’t come in today because I have nothing to wear.”


Do you see why I couldn’t get up? It was gorgeous!

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ann said...

have a great time in Maryland this weekend!