May 30, 2006

Sun & Stuff

Most years, the Memorial Day weekend is way to cold and/or rainy for the pool and I spend the majority of my time trying to reason with two little fish who’d like to go for a swim despite the weather. This year was, happily, the exception and we enjoyed a weekend filled with this:

That's Stinkerbelle jumping into the pool. Unfortunately Lindsey didn’t enjoy it as much as the rest of us because she was busy trying to keep her cast dry. Poor kid! She spent most of the time reading at our table by the side of the pool. I got some reading done too. I started Madame Bovary (still catching up with the classics) and I read most of the Harlot’s Knitting Rules. I could not put KR down. I love it!

P5290893All the time spent at the pool was excellent for my knitting. I finished this on Sunday and the second one is about a dozen rows away from completion. I stuck to the pattern pretty faithfully except for the addition of the white picot edging on the bottom. I just thought it needed a little extra something. I’m really happy with it. I’ll do a complete wrap up when I finish the second one.

Sadly we’re back to work today and I’m paying the price for my stellar weekend in the form of a nasty sunburn. I did apply sunscreen – I just didn’t do it well. So aside from being burnt, I’m also blotchy. Yuck!

KAL Prep

I’m participating in the Amazing Lace and Trek Along With Me KAL’s and I had last minute stuff to do for both of them. P5280869First, my Trekking XXL arrived on Friday. I bought color #108 and #105. I really like both of them and I’ll have to find great patterns for each. That’s no problem because I have a huge notebook at home full of patterns I want to try. I just need to settle on one for each.

My Amazing Lace prep was a little more difficult and became still more difficult last night. I had chosen a team mate (M.M. Cozy) and a back up (Lily Louet) but then the yarn for another project in the queue was finished (more about that another day). What to do, what to do! I’m gonna stick with M.M. Cozy as my teammate and allow Lily Louet and the newcomer to battle for the alternate spot.

P5280872 This is my teammate for the Amazing Lace, M.M.Cozy. Here you see her resting against a tree but don’t be deceived – she’s no slacker. There’s a mental toughness and determination about M.M Cozy that will get her through anything. Her colors are spicy but she’s got a soft side too. This is the lace to comfort you in the hard times and kick you in the ass when necessary too.

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Melissa said...

I bought some Trekking this weekend and I can't wait to knit with it! The pics look great. The halter is adorable!