May 3, 2006

Hooray for Thinking Ahead

Book & Sock
I frogged the whole sock yesterday at lunch – as promised and immediately started over again. What you see here is the new and improved sock. I think that now that I’m confident that it will fit and have chosen the pleasing design elements I’m flying through it. I’ll turn the heel tonight and I wouldn’t be surprised if the pair of socks was on Stink’s feet by this time next week. Whew!

The sock is resting on a familiar sight –
Wendy’s new book. I picked it up last night and I love it. I sat in the store and started reading it before I realized that if I did that I’d never get home. Now that I have a copy of the book for Wendy to sign I feel prepared for MDS&W on Saturday. Can you believe it’s only 2 days away? I can’t.

By the way, for those of you who care, Stinkerbelle lost another tooth yesterday and tomorrow is picture day. This will indeed be the year of the Frankenstein picture. I really love that. At least this year I had the forethought to go shopping ahead of time so that both of the girls have something crisp and new to wear. New isn’t always essential but unstained, unwrinkled and intact is. Wearing something a little special and without logos involved is also nice. I can say that, this year at least, my girls each have picture day outfits that fit all of those criteria. This is way better than last year when a notice came home a day or so ahead and my first reaction was a stream of expletives followed by a crazed search through the laundry heap (yes heap) for something that would be suitable after washing. Hooray for thinking ahead!

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Melissa said...

I hope the pics go well. Let me know how the book goes!