Dec 18, 2008

G & G

Thanks so much for the tips. Now I have even more ways to manage my worries and irritate my favorite teen. That's a win-win for sure.

DSC_0550Here's my grandmother's sweater as it appeared last night. I have knit up half of the balls of yarn I stashed for this project and I'm nearly finished with the body of the sweater. I'm starting to feel confident that I'll have enough yarn for the sweater and that I'll finish it on time. I may even be able to go button shopping this weekend.

DSC_0547I really love the way this sweater is turning out. The yarn, Plymouth Tweed, is a nice blue with green and purple bits. Sadly my grandma is mostly blind and won't be able to appreciate them but I think the fabric is lovely. It's not super soft yet but it is not going to be worn against the skin and I suspect that a good wash will soften it up. The only downside to this yarn is the VM that I come accross regularly. I really could do very nicely without it.

DSC_0540I plan to give the sweater to my grandmother when we're in New York to celebrate my grandfather's 90th birthday. If my grandmother likes the sweater it will be all the gift my grandfather needs. He's like that. Seeing my grandmother happy is all he wants. He's the kind of person who really, truly, wants no gifts ever. But I can't stop myself. Who can resist the pull of hand-knit socks? Surely he can't refuse a pair of hand-knit socks knit just for him by his eldest grandchild.

This pair of socks is going to be perfect for him. The yarn is Claudia that my husband chose for me when he was in NY. I think it's manly. I considered doing a plain sock but I couldn't resist the opportunity to make him a little something special so I'm using the Harris Tweed (Rav link) pattern which is producing a nifty waffle-like texture. Not too fancy but not ordinary. Perfect!


Anonymous said...

.... and VM means?

imquilternity said...

I love your's gorgeous. If your grandma doesn't want it, I do! Thanks for the Harris Tweed pattern reference...I've already queued it up in Ravelry.

Carole Knits said...

They are both great gifts for your grandparents.

Cursing Mama said...

The sweater is turning out wonderfully. I wonder if your grandfather will actually wear the socks or just carry them around in his pocket to show off your handy-work ;)