Dec 23, 2008

X is for...


Yep, I'm still trying to finish before he end of the year. I'm stubborn like that.


Xeriscape- To landscape (an area) in such a way as to minimize its need for irrigation, especially by using plants and features suited to a dry climate.

I haven't applied this to my own lame landscaping efforts but I think it's a cool idea and, let's be honest, there aren't a whole lot of X words out there. It was just dumb luck that I actually had a funny picture to use with this post.

I took this picture earlier this fall because I just found this so ridiculous. I really can't say what that homeowner was thinking when they decided to plant a bunch of cacti in front of their home. I suppose they were hoping for low maintenance and maybe they really were trying to xeriscape a little. There is a fatal flaw to the plan though because this isn't the deserts of the southwest, this is Virginia so the cacti aren't doing so well. Months ago when i took the picture most f the cacti were already keeled over and dead looking. I can only imagine what they look like now.

That's sad, just sad and pathetic.


Margene said...

Xeriscape should be low maintenance, low water INDIGENOUS plants. It looks as if they didn't do their homework.

Carole Knits said...

People are so silly. At least it gave you an X post.