Dec 1, 2008

New And Improved

How was your weekend? Mine was not quite as lazy as I had hoped. In fact, aside from getting up late each day and taking our own sweet time to get out the door, it wasn't lazy at all. Once we got moving we just didn't stop. We covered so much ground and accomplished so many things on our list that the credit card company called to check on us. Saldy, I had to admit that we really had been to all those places.

One thing I didn't do as much as I hoped to was knit. I did a little but not nearly enough. This is a pair of fingerless gloves that I finished a few weeks ago. As you can see they've acquired a fuzzy little halo from constant use.

The pattern is Axel Fingerless Mitts (Rav Link) made up in KP Cadena which is a wool/alpaca blend in a bulky weight. I'm not sure I love working with such heavy yarn. It goes really fast but it feels weird after using much finer yarns.

There's another new thing in this picture. DQ's glasses! She'd been complaining that she couldn't see the board at school so we got her eyes checked and this was the result. My girl was so excited to get her glasses. She sent pictures of herself in them to friends with her phone and she kept checking stuff out with and without them all through the weekend.

They also came in really handy when I took her to see Twilight. She thought it was fabulous and kept smacking me when I giggled at moments that weren't supposed to be funny. That made me laugh even harder. Hubbo was the lucky one. He took Stinky to see Bolt which was intentionally funny.


Carole Knits said...

I love the mitts. And DQ's glasses look great on her. I remember when Hannah got her glasses and she was so excited to see the details on the leaves in the trees.

Anonymous said...

Great looking glasses!

I didn't get much knitting time in this weekend either - so sad :-(