Dec 15, 2008


Stinkerbelle had a stomache bug last week that kept me home for 2 days. It was a bummer on many levels - not the least of which is that it caused me to miss my office party. Not cool at all but, for the first day at least, I was consumed with comforting my girl.

DSC_0450Day two was different because Stinkette was on the mend, talking a blue streak (lately she never, ever, shuts up) and being restless and crabby. Super fun! We read together, watched a few shows, did a little homework and hung out but finally I was able to send her off to nap and grabbed a little me time. Charlotte was calling my name.

I started with a little bit of fiber that my nephew chose last May when I dragged my sister and her kids along with the girls to a yarn store in Canada. My girls are largely immune and unimpressed by yarn stores aven in other countries but my nephew was kind of fascinated by the raw fiber and the idea that I could spin it into yarn.

DSC_0535I happily encouraged him to pick out a little something that I could spin for him. He chose an mostly black top with a little bit of blue and red in it. I think that it's merino wool with a bit of silk. I spun it first and then I chose some solid black to ply with it. I have an idea of what I'll make with it. I'm thinking that this could become the accent on a hat. I'm documenting the process for my nephew. I can't wait to finish it and see his reaction.

After that I dove into a braid that I got from Creatively Dyed. Based upon the rave review given to this fiber by Steph of Loop, I had high expectations for this stuff. It didn't disappoint at all. This stuff spins like butter. This braid is seacell and wool and it was so much fun to spin that I couldn't walk away from it and by the end of the weekend I had 2 very full bobbins.


I have two more braids from Creatively Dyed and I can't wait to spin them but I'm trying to pace myself. The best thing about a successful spin is that it inspires you to spin more. Right now I'm filling my last bobbin and soon it'll be plying time.


Carole Knits said...

Those bobbins are very pretty. And I think you're right - the more you spin, the more you want to spin!

Margene said...

I'm sorry you missed your office party. I would have loved an excuse to miss mine. Your spinning looks great and I love the idea of seacell and wool!