Dec 30, 2008

New Wheel and NYC

Here it is, my new wheel. I didn't mean to tease but the wheel was at home and I was not. Anyway, she's a Kromski Sonata (nameless as yet) in the walnut finish. I'm usually a light wood girl but something about the walnut spoke to me. This was a gift from Hubbo who promised he'd get me a new wheel when he found a job. Lucky for me that his first paycheck coincided so nicely with Hanukkah.


The fiber that I chose to break in the new wheel is Mama-E's and it's really sweet. It's a reddish orange and I think it's going to be great when its done. So nice that the inaugural spin on the wheel will be a good one. Yay!

So, what was I up to over the weekend? Here's a little peek.

We saw some holiday windows all decked out. Jake, Daria, Sam and Lindsey with Manhattan in her arms.

We ate some very good deli at the Stage Deli. Yum. Don't you love the shot of the back of my brother's head and the way my B-I-L Matt successfully hid behind him?

We ran right into a Hanukkah parade. Who knew there was such a thing?

We saw the NYC skyline shrouded in fog and it was very cool.


Margene said...

How cool! I've been looking at the Sonata. You and it (she?) are getting along well! Love the NY skyline in the fog.

Shorty said...

Congrats on your wheel. I have the same one and love it. I'm still trying to get acquainted with it (only had it little over a month).
The skyline pics are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The wheel is BEAUTIFUL!! My friend got a Sonata for Christmas; she is in love with it.