Dec 11, 2008

V is fo...


Yes, this is my second ABC- along post this week. The year is drawing swiftly to a close and there is little chance that I'll finish the alphabet before the year ends but still, I've gotta give it my best shot. It ain't over till it's over - right?

Values - ideals, customs, institutions, etc. that arouse and emotional response, for or against them, in a given society or a given person.

Our values are so important and, as a parent I feel an acute desire to impart them to my girls. Now, as they get older, I can really see the reflection of all that's important to me in them.

1. Family - I think it's a given that this should always come first. Although we've spread out and it's not always easy, it is so essential that we support each other and try to be there for each other.

2. Friends - There are folks who probably wouldn't put this so high on their list but since we live far away from our family, our friends have become so important. They celebrate with us, play with us and support us at all kinds of times. Without all of our fabulous friends our life would be far different and not nearly as rich.

3. Tradition - I think of myself as more of a traditionalist than a religious person although many of the traditions do revolve around holidays. I feel that it's the way we celebrate and the little things that set one family apart from another. That's why I keep a kosher house. It's a small reminder for my daughters of who we are and where we come from. The special dishes that we make and the way we often fill the house with people to share them is what will stay with my girls forever. I hope that one day they'll tell their children about cooking together for the holidays and how we always hosted the break the fast for Yom Kippur.

4. Education - Anyone who knows me at all knows that this is a biggie for me. I could write a book on this alone and be told by a thousand people that it's not everything and that lot's of people are quite successful without it. I get it but I still value it highly and get a huge sense of pride at how my daughters are so driven to do well in school.

5. Creativity/Originality - Sometimes this is a curse. I hate to do the same thing everyone else did and I feel it in my bones that I just have to put my own spin on things. It gets tiring sometimes but it's worth it when my girls tell their friends about how every birthday party I've ever put together for them has been different - I never repeated an idea. Thank goodnes that I'm nearly through with birthday parties because I was running out of ideas.

That's just my top five values but I think they probably give a good snapshot of me. Now I'm going to go sit with my sick kid and work on grandma's sweater some more. What are your values?

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Carole Knits said...

My values are much the same as yours. Family, friends, traditions, making memories for my kids, honoring my true self. Great post, Hill.