Dec 29, 2008

Y is for Yiddish, AKA Bubbie In Her Sweater

It's a good thing that I remember how to get around Long Island a bit because that's where I was when it was finally time to put buttons on grandma's sweater. Thankfully we found a Joann's near out hotel and the girls and I chose pretty, leafy buttons that are perfect except that they're a little heavy. They work though.
I sewed the buttons on Saturday night and I wove in the last ends Sunday morning and on Sunday afternoon my daughters gave their Bubbie her new sweater. She loved it. You may recall that I frogged the Twisted Yoke Cardi because it was coming out too small. Well, this is a bit long in the sleeves (I think they grew when I blocked them) but otherwise it's spot on. Grandma's big concern was the length because she says that most commercial sweaters are too long for her but this one was perfect. The only thing I would change on this sweater is that I'd add a grosgrain ribbon facing to the neck and edges to add a little stability.
Bubbie is Yiddish for grandma and that's what my girls call my grandmother. Similarly, my grandfather is their Zaydie. Yiddish is a language used by Jews that is related to German. It's wonderful and full of phrases that are colorful and descriptive. That's probably why a lot of it has been absorbed into our everyday conversation. If you've ever accused someone of having chutzpah or called them a klutz, you've used Yiddish. Bought tchotchkes? Wiped schmutz off your table? See what I mean?

Now I just need a Z.


Anonymous said...

Your Grandmother looks beautiful (and happy) in her lovely new sweater!

Those buttons are perfect.

Carol said...

I can't say it better than Julie did! I'm so out of touch, I'm new all over again! Happy holidays to you all!

Margene said...

You could have Y and Z with this post! Zaydie works.

We use Yiddish often in our household. Smith's father spoke it well.

Carole Knits said...

It looks great! I called my brother Bubbie for years. Long story, I'll tell you some day.

Anonymous said...

Is that where the bent genes of the family come from? U-G-L-Y